GDP of India has posted good growth during the last 10 years from 2003 to 2013. But it has been showing slight slowdown in the last two years.  Below given chart will show you the figures.

Growth of gdp India past 10 years GDP growth of India in last 10 years

Main sectors that contributed to the growth are the service sector, the industrial sector and the agricultural sector. India’s infrastructure sector not growing as it demands is the major challenge to the future growth of India.

Below are the list of top Industries that contribute to the GDP and their contribution as a percent of GDP

  1. Retail and Wholesale trade – 23% of GDP
  2. Agriculture – 15.7%
  3. Real Estate – 13.5%
  4. Banking and Insurance – 10%
  5. IT an ITeS Industry – 9%
  6. Transportation Industry – 8.5%
  7. Engineering and Machinery – 8%
  8. Chemical Industry – 7%
  9. Tourism – 6.3%
  10. Textile Industry – 4%

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